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Five Tips to Make Your House a Home

It has been rightly said that a home is where the heart is. A house is made of wall and brick but it is our love, memories and dreams that make it a home. Pune is a city of dreams where thousands of people come daily to make a mark in their careers. As a result, the need for rental accommodations have increased manifold. If you have been looking for an accommodation or already staying in an apartment but it does not make you feel like home, then here are 5 tips that can help you in making it feel like home.

  1. Suitable utilization of space: Create your own space, think about colours, lights and home accessories. You can personalize your place and give it an identity. Arrange and decorate things in such a way that it becomes a compact, cozy and comfortable zone for you. If you are staying in one room set for rent in Pune or even as a PG in Pune, you can utilize one side or corner of a room.
  2. Have people around you: Keep laughter and energy in your house alive. Have emotions, noise and mess around you. If you are alone in the city, you can always look for flat mates in Pune or paying guest accommodation in Pune. This way, you will have someone to talk to and take care of you when you come back home from work. Let your flat mates or PG friends become your extended family.
  3. Furnishing: Choosing the right furniture can add aesthetic value to your accommodation. It makes a place look as if someone has been living there forever. If you cannot afford to buy all the furniture or do not want to accumulate it, you can always look for furnished rooms for rent in Pune.
  4. Plants: Keeping plants at home can transform the ambience and add positivity to your place. You can keep some indoor plants like cactus, succulents, adeniums and orchids. You can even create a balcony garden and keep plants that are easy to grow and use lesser sunlight. These days, you can get planters especially for the balcony that requires little maintenance and are available in different designs to suit the space. This place can become your place to relax and will make you feel closer to nature.
  5. Storage: Having storage space and items like cupboards, closets, drawers and shelves are very important. They help in making a house look organized and clean and letting you focus on the right things. Clutter adds chaos and negativity in life. These days different types of adjustable and multi-functional shelves, cupboards, tables and drawers are available that can create a lot of storage space.

These days one can look for home rental services like NestAway to find a home of his dreams. Such online renting services provide minute details about every aspect of the rental accommodation and that too without the broker’s fee so that the tenants can choose comfortably, easily and contently.

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