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Got Weeds? What It Takes to Rid Your Yard of These Intruders

Weeds are a scourge for homeowners looking to grow thick, green and healthy lawns. While they come in different sizes and shapes, they tend to look ugly and are a sign to others that you may not be properly maintaining your property. Here are some ways that you can kill them or at least stop them from spreading.

Rip Them Out by the Root

If you only have a few weeds here and there, you may be able to just rip them out by the root. It many cases, they will come right out with little to no effort. It may be a good idea to wear gloves as well as shirts with longer sleeves. This will prevent the weed from making contact with your skin, which could cause an allergic reaction.

Use a Chemical Spray

There are many different types of chemical spray that you can use to kill weeds in a hurry. If you do choose to spray your lawn, make sure to keep pets and children off of the grass until it dries. Weeds will generally start to die within hours and will stay away for weeks or months at a time. This is perfect for those with big lawns or weeds that grow near plant or vegetable gardens.

Switch to Sapphire Grass

Sapphire grass, like that from Perth Turf Supplies, is great for protecting against weeds, and it is also more durable than other forms of grass a homeowner may have. It can withstand shade, dry weather and salt. Since it grows laterally instead of vertically, it may not need to be mowed or trimmed as often. You can choose to use it throughout your yard or only in the patches where weeds seem to thrive.

Seal Cracks in Concrete

If you have a concrete patio, walkway or driveway, you should have them sealed or refinishedas soon as possible. Removing cracks in concrete provides one less spot for weeds to put down roots and expand across your property. Sealing your driveway or other concrete structures will also make your home’s exterior look clean to anyone who sees it.

No homeowner wants to see weeds throughout his or her yard. It can be an eyesore to those who live near that person, and it can be embarrassing for a homeowner to have friends over knowing how bad the yard looks. Therefore, it is critical that anyone with a lawn knows how to kill weeds quickly and efficiently as soon as they are spotted.

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