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Property Pointers: 5 Ways to Update the Look of Your Home

When you buy a home, especially if you’re a younger homeowner just getting started out, it might not look the way you want. And because you just poured a lot of money into buying the home in the first place, you might not have a lot of funds left over for anything drastic. But there are some relatively inexpensive ways to update the look of your home.

1. Paint

Painting, both inside and out, is a very simple and relatively inexpensive way to make your home look nice and new again. Some areas you can focus on include the front door, patio and entryway, as well as kitchen cabinets and exterior trim. You could paint furniture too.

2. Landscape

Giving your landscaping a makeover alone can completely change the way your home looks from the street. You could do it yourself to save even more money by doing simple things like weeding flowerbeds, mulching, planting new flowers and trimming bushes. Or you could hire a landscaping company to change the look of your yard to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Add a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can not only add a nice, terraced look to your yard, but they also are designed to prevent erosion that could damage your house or yard in the future. You can also use retaining walls to create nice gardens on top. If your yard has a severe incline, they can also provide you with more flat space.

4. Add a Fence

There are many different styles of fences to choose from (privacy, wooden, vinyl, height, etc.), so you should be able to find one that nicely complements your home. Especially if you have a dog or kids, installing a fence has the added bonus of keeping them safe when outside. If you are going to install a pool you will have to install a fence anyway. Be sure to get the proper permits and any approval that might be required by local law or your homeowners association. It’s also a good idea to work with a contractor like Standrite Australia Pty Ltd or someone similar to be sure that it is properly installed.

5. Replace Siding

If you can afford a little bit more, replacing the siding entirely is an option. This is essentially a facelift that will modernize the exterior look of your house. Like with fences, there are a variety of siding materials you can choose from, including wood and vinyl. So be sure to go over the pros and cons of each before deciding.

You don’t have to break the bank to update the look of an older house. Doing any of these five things, or in some combination, can make your home look much more modern. Give them a try!

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