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Storage Solutions: How to Organize Your Home for Fall and Winter

Just because it’s fall or winter doesn’t mean you can’t start spring cleaning. Actually, the cooler season gives you a great excuse to organize: it’s a great time to pull out sweaters and find snowboard equipment even as you retire the swimsuits and goggles.

Start with the Closets

If you really want to organize your home, start there. Ruthlessly reassess the clothes in the back of the closet: that sweater you got because Ross wore one on Friends should probably go. If you’ve moved from Portland to Vegas, will you ever need a raincoat? (Probably not.) Make three piles: Must Go, Must Give, and Must Keep. Charities and homeless shelters can definitely benefit from getting your must-gives, and animal shelters are always in need of used blankets and towels.

Bins and Bags: Your New Pals

Plastic bins and storage bags are like home organizer gold: they’re available in a variety of sizes at any big box store, and you can see what’s in them. When you’ve given away usable clothing, it’s bin and bag time. Fold clothes and place into a vacuum storage bag. Vacuum out the air (it’s actually kind of fun) and watch your items shrink down to manageable, closet-friendly size before putting in a bin. Clearly label the bins.

Off-Site Storage

Sometimes, there’s just no place for Grandma’s heirloom bureau. Self-storage, like that available from National Self-Storage – Denver, is a fantastic organizational solution when you love something there’s no room for. Storage lockers are inexpensive to rent and many locations are air-conditioned. Best of all, reliable storage facilities have security. Renting a truck (or bribing truck-owning friends with food and free beer) can make a fun day out of safely storing family treasures.

A Place for Everything

The garage is a great place to store winter sports gear, holiday decorations, or crafts. Since it’s nice to actually park your car, you’ll need shelves. Put shelves along the walls of the garage — and yes, start stocking with labeled plastic bins. If a stranger can enter your garage and find your mother-in-law’s handmade Christmas wreath in ten minutes, you know you’ve done a masterful job. Be proud.

As a wise person observed, the best part of organizing is being done. Sure, it’s an initial effort to sort, store, and shelve, but it is satisfying knowing where everything is and how to find it.

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