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Take Evergreen Styles and Layouts for Your Dream Kitchen

Why a kitchen should be evergreen? It is important to understand the concept behind styling an evergreen kitchen for you because you definitely have to invest a good amount either you are designing a kitchen from scrap or renovating it. You will never want to waste your money so plan it before moving ahead. Keep a few points in your mind;

  • Flooring is most important because neatness and looks, both are based upon a good and durable flooring so pick one carefully.
  • Cabinets and storage are also something you have to design carefully because when you have improper storage space, your kitchen would not be functioning well.
  • Appliances must be planned wisely. You should not stuff your kitchen with unused appliances and obviously you cannot waste them so it requires a cunning approach to store them where you can grab them easily when you need. Either you should add a pantry to your kitchen or a long cabinet to store them, it is up to you.

Let us get into these points in detail to know how you can make your kitchen evergreen and stylish at the same time. Keep one important thing in your mind that functionality is the basic need for your kitchen. There is no use of investing too much to style your dream kitchen in a way when it is not properly functional and you don’t feel comfortable while standing and performing everyday chores in there. We will guide you about all those styles which are considered as the best evergreen around the world. You can pick one for you according to your choice.

Wood Flooring:

Wood is the best option for your kitchen if you live in cold areas. Since wood flooring and décor is considered the best to add warm tone to your surroundings, it is always a good choice to go for a beautiful wood base for your kitchen. It is not only comfortable for your feet to stay for long hours, also it absorbs lots of noise and dust to give a neat look to your kitchen. There are many colors and patterns in wood flooring and the good thing is that whenever you want to change your dark toned kitchen to a lighter one, it is easily possible. Some people have misconception that wood loses its grace and look after some time, it is not a fact. Wood is durable and that is enough to choose it as a best option, for the rest of concerns, only a little polishing will make it as good as new.

Vinyl Flooring:

Another good and economically better choice is vinyl flooring which is included in latest flooring trends for modern kitchens. Vinyl is easy to install but only when you call for a professional vinyl installer, it’s not an everybody’s task because people who have chosen it for their kitchen sometimes complain for corner curling of vinyl tiles. It happens only when the person who is making the floor is not professional and experienced with that work. Otherwise it is the most convenient, nice and cheap flooring that gives an evergreen beauty to your kitchen’s floor. Good thing is that you have countless options of colors and patterns for vinyl flooring. Make sure that you choose a tone that goes with your wallpaper and do not make both of them dark at the same time to avoid a gloomy kitchen environment.

Ceramic Flooring:

Ceramic flooring, is considered as the best option due to its easy installation and variety of choice. As we have already mentioned that for a kitchen to be functional, it is essential to install everything that offers ease and comfort to deal with and ceramic tiles can be your best pick if you want a neat, grease free and shining floor. You don’t need to pay any extra charges for polishing like in wood flooring because these tiles are polished with their make. You just need to pick the right size and color for your kitchen. Here we will give you a practical tip that the grout which is filled in tile’s joints catches dirt so make sure to install big tiles if you have a wide kitchen so that less lines with grout will give a neat look. If you have a small kitchen, large tiles are not made for you though. Ceramic tiles can easily be cleaned with soap water and mop for a perfect shine like new.

Cabinet Installation:

After Flooring, second thing that comes to our mind is the storage area there are lots of options you can choose from to install cabinets, custom drawer organizer, cupboards and counters. First of all, you need to plan the style of your kitchen. We have three suggestions for you which you can select to give a modern and functional look to your kitchen;


L-shaped kitchen is the best for those who need lots of space to work without any restriction. It provides you with a counter to serve food and a full wall with cabinets and storage area, moreover you can install a hanging rack above serving counter to store glasses like a bar-style counter. You can also store your large pots and utensils beneath the counter top by installing double door cabinets.

U-shaped Kitchen:

U-shaped kitchen looks good when you have a room as your kitchen. It has one wall with storage cabinets and a full length counter with stove and working area and the second wall with additional counters and appliances the middle point of these two sides or the U turn is used for kitchen sink. U shape kitchen offers a lot of storage, working space and appliances installation area but it is not convenient for two or three person working as it has counters at both sides.

One-wall Kitchen:

One-wall kitchen is practical for those who live in apartments. It can easily be designed in studio-apartments where you don’t want to spare lots of space for kitchen. It has cabinets, custom drawers and counter at a single wall.

Gallery Shaped Kitchen:

Gallery shaped kitchen is a two wall operational style and like a u-shaped kitchen, it offers a big area to add cabinets. You can have lots of drawers and cabinets, shelves and appliances counter in this style. Only the joining area of U-shaped kitchen is omitted in this style and can be replaced with a plain wall or a large window to allow lots of sunlight to your kitchen.

Whatever you choose for your kitchen must go with your esthetic sense and budget at the same time. Keep one thing in mind that it is not possible to renovate your kitchen every year because it shakes your budget critically so plan everything with an everlasting durability and style.

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